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My first days with Xamarin iOS

I recently started a project in which I wanted to create an iOS app using Xamarin. This project will require me to create a binding to a third party iOS SDK, overcome a complex corporate network and prove to myself that Xmarin is a stable platform for development. I’ve only just begun this adventure, and I have already had a fare share of roadblocks to overcome. Here is a short description of the adventure that I chose. I was very fortunate to talk with Xamarin while at the Microsoft Build conference in June. I was invited to a private dinner and was able to speak with Anuj Bhatia, Erik Polzin, and Xamarin’s own CEO and cofounder, Nat Friedman. Every one of them had heard of Schneider Electric and were excited to hear about how Xamarin could help us out. I’m glad that I also had Daniel Rouleau along with me as he has been helping lead up the development effort of our latest mobile platform. I’ve done a bit of research on Mono/Xamarin before. I attended a Mono meetup at last years (20... [More]