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Making the Windows Phone Toolkit ListPicker ItemsPanel display a WrapPanel

There are many things that should be part of the Windows Phone SDK and the ListPicker is one of them. There are so many aspects of the phone that use a control that the ListPicker was based on. One of these is the accent color picker. In Phone 7 the phone would display a vertical list of colors with the name of the colors next to it. In Phone 8 they changed this experience and went with a WrapPanel. If you want to to get this same experience, you’ll want to use the ListPicker from the Windows Phone Toolkit. The ListPicker will first display what appears to be a ComboBox, yet when you tap this ‘ComboBox’ it opens up and takes over the entire phone. This is all pretty standard and the ListPicker covers this perfectly. Where it fails us is when we want to change how the ListPicker stacks it’s items. This is generally done by changing the ItemsPanel of an ItemsControl. Unfortunately the ListPicker does not allow you to change the ItemsPanel. If you download or br... [More]