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Basic styling of the Silverlight 5 PivotViewer

Normally when people ask me how to create a custom style for a control in Silverlight or WPF I quickly reply Use Expression Blend! If they do not have Expression Blend, then the next answer is Get the default style from MSDN and change as needed. So, when someone asked how to go about styling the new PivotViewer control, my immediate response was going to be “Use Expression Blend”. But, we’re in a odd place right now. There is now RTM of Express Blend. There is only the Expression Blend Preview for Silverlight 5. As this is not a RTM release, and PivotViewer is new, I thought I would test it out first. So, open a Silverlight 5 project in Blend Preview and add the PivotViewer Control. Right click on the PivotViewer –> Edit Template –> Edit a Copy… To my surprise, the following xaml was generated <UserControl.Resources> <ControlTemplate x:Key="PivotViewerControlTemplate1" TargetType="sdk:PivotViewer"/> &... [More]