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Creating simple page transitions using Storyboards: Turnstile transition

In my last post, I talked about creating a simple transition to slide a page in or out. While that transition was functionality I needed for my app, Santa Calls, I thought it would be fun to do more of these posts. For this post we’ll create a turnstile transition. The turnstile transition is like a page turning. For the turnstile transition, we need to use the animate the Projection of the page. We’ll set the Projection to be a PlaneProjection. To get the rotation to turn like a page would, we need to rotate around the vertical, or y-axis. The RotationY property of the PlaneProjection is how we accomplish this. public static async Task TransitionInTurnstile(this FrameworkElement source) { await source.Turnstile(75, 0); }   public static async Task TransitionOutTurnstile(this FrameworkElement source) { await source.Turnstile(0, -90); }   private static async Task ... [More]