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Remove ads with an in app purchase across your entire app

Today I read that the Windows Phone team had added some new samples. I was excited to take a look at the Free App With Paid Products sample to see if they had done anything different than I had in Disney Expedition. When looking at the sample I was even more excited to see this in MainPage.xaml.cs // Each in-app product is identified by a string that is unique for the owning app. This value // is an example identifier for a product that causes the display of ads to be removed from the app. private const string PRODUCTID = "AdRemovalProductIdentifier"; This little snippet was exactly what I was doing! Using the In App Purchase(IAP) model to remove ads from my app. I continued to look at the sample only to become disappointed that the sample did not really show how to remove ads with an In App Purchase. Okay, I wasn’t that disappointed. Removing an ad on a single page once the purchase is made is easy enough to do if you follow the sample. But the... [More]