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Implementing truly timed Windows Phone app trials with Azure Mobile Services

An awesome part of Windows Phone and Windows Store apps is the ability to offer a trial version to users before they decide to purchase the app. This gives uses an opportunity to try the app for free before paying. There are different ways to offer trials. You can limit functionality while in trial mode. You can offer unlimited trials, allowing the user to use the app forever, or you can allow the user to use the app for limited time period. For Windows Store apps, you can specify in the Store how long the user is allowed to try the app. Windows Phone apps do not offer this capability. When implementing timed trials in apps, a common task for app developers is to store a value within the app for when the app was first opened. Note: As this is relevant for both Silverlight and Runtime apps, this blog will contain code for both. The code samples will switch back and forth. public static bool IsTrialExpired() { // Silverlight example va... [More]